Saturday, May 12, 2007

2nd Pair of Monkey's OTN

I am now working on my second pair of Monkey's. I'm using Lisa Souza's "Violet's Pink Ribbon". I love this pattern. It knits up so quick and is easy.

Also, we need to get someone to makeup a "Monkey Sock KAL" button/badge....Someone creative enough out there??

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ready to Start

I'm ready to start my first pair of Monkey Socks. I have my yarn - Wildfoote from Brown Sheep Company in the Bluegrass colorway. I have needles - size 1 and size 2. Therein lies the question ---- it seems like many people did their socks on size 1 rather than the size 2 called for in the pattern.

If anyone did them on 2's ....did you find them baggy? I've gone back and read all the posts. One person mentioned that the pattern was not very stretchy, but it seems more people thought it was too large.

Any advice? 1's or 2's --- I wear a size 9 shoe and my feet are somewhat narrow.

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